Present and Future?

I am not an economist, nor do I play one on TV.

Many times on this board stated Obama may, just may, have taken the only real route he inherited and built on it as necessary. Just a possibility as the house of cards collapsed a bot earlier. This is not to say anything against Mr. Bush, this problem developed over decades, he was just there as the problem crested. Most all of the remedies could bring about a worldwide financial collapse that could create a more level playing field, however, the world will not have a ball or players and will require we begin at a very low level rebuilding our nation and financial markets. We have a good stock market, less unemployment along with other good indicators. Our ratio of debt to GDP is in the 80 area (last I looked) while Japan (pre nuclear meltdown) was in the low 200s. I want the debt and deficit reduced as much as a tea party member. Are some of the ideas feasible? Sure. At what expense? Don’t know. Washington has huge computers working scenarios for many solutions so I defer to them.

A economic collapse is not desirable.

Most of us do not grow our own food! I have asked before, please store a year’s supply of food in your house asap. Water will be the problem. Without clean drinking water, meals cannot be reconstituted. We will need heat, of course.

Our financial situation is very, very precarious because of our government’s choices over the past 60 years and some generation will have to pay up. Look at our cities: Detroit: 50% functional illiterates (determined by city of Detroit itself), Phoenix: huge #s of unoccupied homes, same in Las Vegas. Home prices in Florida are pennies on the dollar. Look around your own area with realistic eyes and see the occupancy and people in need. We aim our arrows at Obama out of frustration when he is merely there at the most critical time. I have my doubts McCain could even have done as well. I live in a high middle to low high area and the “For Lease” signs are all around me. We’ve had zero turnover on our street for years and we have had five this year. It’s not as simple as we think to solve folks, oh we all have 20 word solutions (even I) but, to get it done will take a huge amount of sacrifice.

Sorry if I ruined your day and the length of my rant.

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