Four (4) Days of Spinning ended in nada

I worte this earlier and have no time to update – flame away.

Last week our elected politicians argued ad nauseam over conserving roughly four (4) days of federal government spending. The length of the argument took longer than the money saved, is that practical? Let’s see if there is common ground. Can the challenges we face be solved by continuing to move from issue to issue applying band aids with varying effectiveness?

Now, POTUS will make a policy speech to offer his solutions, is this another band aid? I think so. I believe we need to scrape the paint down to bare wood or metal and start over from there. To me, it is the only viable answer. If one party held the two branches of government AND was willing to risk its continued existence on such an overhaul it would be tempting to see it work. I see one party controlling the Congress and the presidency branches someday , however, I do not see them willing to risk extinction to square our economic system away. Does it make sense to continue to “kick the can down the road?” George W. Bush (#43 for those playing along at home) controlled the two houses for four years and chose to undertake no such overhaul though, I suspect, there were some who wisely recognized the need and spoke up. President Obama also had a similar opportunity in his first two years and chose to spend his political capital on other issues. Can we count on any political party to have the courage to do what needs to be done?

Our entire political system is at risk unless we address what needs to be done and do it.

I feel our tax structure is flawed and a flat tax makes powerful sense. Can it be enacted? I doubt it. I have seen no compelling evidence that keeping taxes for those making over $250k a year contributes to jobs, the economy or a slimmer waistline. They should pay more. Period. I also think we should remove corporate tax variances such as those GE and others enjoy. Why should they not pay their fair share? Just because they can afford lobbyists and willing Congress-people to introduce and offer such legislation that releases them from their obligation? I say no.

I pay my taxes as we all should. I ask my accountant to prepare my taxes taking every legal deduction. Period. I am proud to live in a country like the United States. I chose to fight for what we stand for even though I could have chosen a much different life, one of leisure, social engagements and such. Instead I chose to subject my body and mind to one of the most rigorous training programs in the world. I could tell you that the British SAS is more difficult, more lengthy etc. but, I won’t.

Thanks for letting me vent. Thanks for letting me share my view that a major overhaul is what’s needed and I do not see any party willing to step forward and do it. We need it and NOW!

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